Demo reel from a series

In collaboration with the Brilliant Factory executive, I created 16 videos about GE’s transformation to become a Brilliant Factory.  Videos were distributed in visual emails by Communications.  Exceeded goal of 10% hit rate by 6% and measured and tracked audience response to content, 90% rated “Excellent.”
Marketing collateral, brochures, advertisements, folders and engineering proposals.  I designed graphics, layout for print production according to business goals and specifications of projects. 

Poster to accompany fun and informative video series I produced

 Vector Illustration and logo design for Clemson's Sustainable Ag. dept.


Transit authority proposals, technical drawings, process diagrams, tracking graphics, maps drawn in illustrator
This was a personal exercise.  I conducted a self-directed learning in User Experience and User Design, reading several books and taking many tutorials.  I created this infographic to explain the six steps in User Experience design.

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