Motion Graphics

Storytelling, infographics coming to life, or instructional design and marketing, with the use of Adobe CC and After Effects, I create motion graphics from scratch to enhance production of any communication.

eLearning animation video

eLearning animation

Above is an animation for Grace Hill, Inc.  This is part of an instructional eLearning course created to introduced and entertain and peak the learners' interest before they embark on the training and testing. 
Create engaging video animations to keep the learner interested.  Animations must convey the topic and goal of the learning course and target to the intended audience, young professional female leasing agents.  I was also determined to create an empowering and aspirational feel, since closing the sales is a difficult or intimidating task for people.
Research of the leasing industry and current course work available, research of the target audience, plan initial idea, research vector art, and images, work with script, story, design animation, get feedback, then create in Adobe After Effects using best practices in file archiving and workflows.
Tools & Skills: 
 Online research, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Audio recording for scratch audio, soundtrack editing in Audition, coordination with offsite project leader, file management, deadline management

 Personal project to animate my business card

Sketchinfo is my freelance design business

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